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We are the only Authorized Bugatti Repair facility in Chicago. All of our Bugatti Technicians and the Service Director has been trained by Bugatti.Our Lead Bugatti Technician has over 8 years' experience with Bugatti. All of our Technicians have a compassion and a love for the Bugatti Brand.

We service both older and newer Bugatti. We have all the latest Bugatti Diagnostic tools Bugatti has to offer. All of our Diagnostic Equipment has been designed by Bugatti for the Bugatti vehicles.

Since we are an Authorized Bugatti Repair Facility we have full communication with Bugatti Engineers to help diagnose those difficult problems that may arise with your Bugatti. (This is something that the aftermarket shops do not have to offer).

We do everything we can do to help limit the downtime of your Bugatti. We want you to enjoy your Bugatti as much as you can. All of our work is guaranteed.